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These stories are based on my missionary and/or polio experiences. I have arranged them in approximate chronological order, but please notice the dates they were written. Pre-1998 was when I was in my downward slide with post-polio syndrome (PPS). Post-1998 I was back on my feet, though with braces and crutches, breathing on my own and doing much better. In either case God was there!

Standing - With Confidence
Surviving Together
Faith Healer Experiences
The Spinal Fusions
Go Karts and Such
More Than a Piggy Bank
Good Medicine
Eye of the Beholder
Bruised Reeds
To Japan on An Innertube
...And the Bauzis Laughed
God's Secret Weapon
Asabing's Legacy
The Captain, the Servant
Snapshots In My Mind
Good-by To Irian
Joy and Tears Blending
Thank You, Dr. Salk
"You Don't Look Sick"
Reflections On Coping
Fun In the Cold Winter Sun (The Thrill of Risk)
My New Math
Perspective At the Lowest Point
"Not Short Of Amazing"
What I Learned About God When Things Crashed
Grouse Or Give -- My Choice
On Not Eating Dust Too
Riding the Ups, Downs and Back Ups
A Boost Up

All stories are copyright © Elinor Young. Please request permission except for private, unpublished uses.

(Will there be any more stories & musings? Yes, but more in a blog style. Eventually. Keep checking!)