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Korupun 1963-1968 more photos obtained from Becky Masters Scoon

Making airstrip finally done - Becky S.jpg

Airstrip finally done.

from Becky S 6.jpg

Phil Masters

from Becky S.jpg

Sogowyn with woromo Pandanas nut - Becky S.jpg

Sogowyn with pandanas nut (woromo).

from Becky S 4.jpg

from Becky S 5.jpg

Whole family at Korupun. Phil & Phyliss Masters with Crissie, Curt, Becky and Rob. (Tim not yet added to family.)

temporary house Roofing the bedroom add on - Becky Sjpg.jpg

Temporary house; roofing the new bedroom wing.

from Becky S 3.jpg

Communicating with airplanes & other missionaries.