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Korupun 1963-1968 photos obtained from Becky Masters Scoon

Bruno, pointing out Korupun by Becky Scoon.jpg

Discovered! Bruno deLeeuw pointing out Korupun valley, having found Kimyal tribe.

Phil Masters - Becky S.jpg

Phil Masters

Trek in to open Korupun - Becky S.jpg

Trek in to open Korupun

Opening Korupun2 - Becky S.jpg

Tenting it while making the airstrip.

Making airstrip B4 - Becky S.jpg

Beginning - making an airstrip out of gardens.

Making airstrip airdrop supplies - Becky S.jpg

Airdrop supplies while making airstrip

Opening Korupun - Becky S.jpg

Making airstrip almost ready but wet and muddy - Becky S.jpg

Airstrip almost ready but wet and muddy.