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Elinor Young Missisonary

Irian Jaya, Papua, Indonesia, at Korupun among the Kimyal tribe -- my years there as a profoundly affected polio survivor -- are much of what is on this website. But not exclusively. Some of that is on my Stories and Stuff page, but I have much to say that branches beyond that. 

A bigger story will be in my up-coming book, a work in progress that will be finished soon. I'll let you know when it is published. "Bad Legs" will likely be part of the title, so look for that. In the meantime.....

  • Most of my "Stories and Stuff" combine the two themes of polio and missionary experiences in Papua, Indonesia. 

Pieces of "Stories and Stuff" are included in a 23-minute video called Bad Legs. See it on YouTube here, or in HD free here  At that site you may also order a DVD which includes "Bad Legs" and "Kimyals Receive the New Testament" videos in various languages. It's just $1.99, free shipping.

There are other short videos involving me or the Kimyal people on the YouTube channel of my mission agency, World Team. 

- See "Elinor's Story," "The (Kimyal) Gospel History," and  "Dedication of the Kimyal New Testament."


  • The GC Kids (Great Commission Kids) mini-magazine is part of what I do these days. GC Kids aims to encourage children to be involved in missions throughout their lives.

Though retired, I remain as active as my post-polio syndrome limited energy will allow. I love mentoring future missionaries, editing Great Commission Kids, speaking about missions, trying to help God's people catch the passion of God's heart for the world, and turning my stories and memories into a book (in progress). My latest newsletter about those and other activities is here.

For more information about post-polio syndrome see the link at the left side of this page.