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Post-Polio Syndrome: There is help

Yes, there is hope for polio survivors - help for the pain, weakness, exhaustion, brain fog and other symptoms. But you have to be very pro-active in searching for that help and establishing your own life-style management program. Don't rely on a doctor to do it for you. In fact, many, if not most doctors are not well enough informed about polio and post-polio syndrome to give you the kind of aid you need. For help, advice and information, go to the websites below. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me through my "E-mail" button on the left.

The first on the list, Futures Unlimited, is the very best place to start.

Futures Unlimited, Neurophysical Health and Restoration Center
"Our Post Polio Syndrome treatment addresses the nervous system directly in order to recover function that was available after recovery from acute polio and before the affects of PPS."
Locations: Columbus, MS (662) 327 7333
Phoenix, AZ Office (480) 832 3014 / Cell (623) 308 0388
       James E Snapp

Polio Articles for Survivors, Families and Friends

Post-Polio Syndrome in Under Two Minutes

Polio History Pages, detailed information about polio and post-polio syndrome, including history, bibliography and links to other polio information websites.