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Great Commission Kids


Celebrating the 50th issue: February, 2018.
At four issues a year, that makes 12.5 years and counting!

Great Commission Kids aims to encourage in children an interest in missions that will last throughout their lives. GC Kids is published quarterly. I am the editor of GC Kids, and thoroughly enjoy it. It is a publication of the U.S. branch of World Team, the international mission agency of which I am a member.

Each issue of Great Commission Kids  contains a story which features missionary work in a geographic area of the world, or nation or mega-city; or a missionary hero biography; a missionary job or other mission-related subject. Besides the story there is always a pencil or crayon activity page and a short Bible study on the Great Commission. 

You can see a complete list of all issues and download to print any or all of them from the World Team page for GC Kids.