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EY On the World 

February, 2018 

My last quarterly letter (Nov. 2017) started off with all the life happening here. With four boys in the house, it's a happ'nin' place! Fun. But this time I will start off with....

GC Kids
The February issue is a milestone of sorts. It's the 50th issue! I didn't even notice anything significant about issue #50 until World Team surprised me by sending this poster. That made me think, "Oh, yeah, it is kind of a big deal. That represents 12.5 years of Great Commission Kids!" 

Issue #50 is about the need for missionaries in Italy. Yes, Italy. Did you know that only 1.1% of the population know the truth about Jesus? Researchers have discovered that unless that number is over 2%, they cannot have an impact on the general population and grow in numbers. You can read the Italy story and print it out at World Team's Great Commission Kids page

And remember FREE postal mail subscriptions just take sending me the name and address. For your grandchildren, maybe? Influence them towards missions, God's Great Commandment to us.  

The sister publication for India, under a different name and edited for security needs, is going well, too. What a cool opportunity! I love corresponding with the Indian gentleman who spear-heads that. I email him the fixed-up issues and he does the rest. I also have an idea for further distribution in India through another organization. I will approach them about that soon.  

Bad Legs news 
People are STILL discovering the video and commenting on the producer's YouTube channel. In fact the last comment came  on Feb. 10, and I am often personally contacted by people who saw it that way or were given the DVD. It has been on the YouTube channels of Dianne Becker and World Team for less than two years, and in that time has been seen 22,000 times. That's not "viral," but hopefully, like a virus, has made changes within the people who have seen it. May it increase people's understanding of God's power and plan for each of us. 

Being Cheerleader
I love the monthly Mission Chat times with the three young women. The initial Mission Chat gal has come once a month since she was 14. Now she is 22, has a degree in Intercultural Studies, and has been screened and accepted by a great church-planting mission agency.  This month marks her first official presentation - in a church other than her own - of her call and future ministry in an area of the world we can't make public on the internet.

This gal may be starting foreign ministry in a year or so.  She will join a church-planting team where fewer than 1% of the population follow Jesus right now. She is discussing possibilities with area leaders. Exciting time for her! I get to watch and even sometimes join this friend in the process of gathering prayer and financial support. This is too much fun!

My goal was to finish the first draft by the end of 2017. I didn't quite make it. I'm still not there, but I can see the finish line and know what pieces I need to add to get there. Then comes working it over another couple times the best I can do myself, followed by hiring an expert or two for their advice, then working it over some more. Getting this far has taken a LOT of years! Publishing is still another couple or more years away. It's the old "how do you eat an elephant?" thing... 

If you are inclined to pray 
• Join me in thanking God for this wonderful life He has given me. 
• Pray that prayer and financial team-mates of God's choice will back Mission Chat gal #1 as she prepares to launch. 
• Pray regarding possible further outreach of the GC Kids version that is re-branded for India. 
• Asking the Lord to guide my mind, I am considering a writing conference this summer that could potentially give me a boost with the memoir. Would you join me in praying? It would take huge physical effort and careful planning. 

And Finally…. 
I heard an African proverb that says something like, "When you are in the desert with a man, to kill him is not the worst thing you can do. It is to not tell him where the water is." Are people dying without the Living Water because you didn't tell them how to find Him?