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EY On the World 

Spring/Summer, 2018 

As I write this, we're heading into summer, and what a summer it will be. 

On the Home Front
The new kitchenette in my Granny Suite is in the building stage, finally. Clearing-out-the-space prep took place over winter and early spring. My Granny Kitchen will fit my size and my muscle weakness; even eventual use from a wheelchair, as necessary. In other words, all my Hobbit friends will love it. It will make my food prep - and independence doing that - SO much easier!

In the meantime...

Memoir News 
My memoir is taking shape. A friend did a beta reading of the first section, and another friend edited those chapters. Their work yielded excellent advice. While rewriting that first part and getting the rest of it edit-ready, I am also constructing a mini-proposal for the book. The proposal is for a writers' Coaching Conference. A friend and I will go to Portland, OR for the conference, August 19-24. It promises to be very helpful. 

All of this is for the sake of spreading this message: God wants to make His wholeness out of our brokenness, and will do that if we give our weakness to Him. Sometimes the project whispers "I'm too much for you." What keeps me going is knowing that God says, "Too much for you, but not for me. I've got this: keep moving ahead." I expect that the book won't be published for quite some time. I'll tell you what that date is when I know it.

Next Generations
Each issue of Great Commission Kids is so fun to put together. In the process, I also learn a lot about what God is doing to spread His fame around the world. The May issue, "Welcome To the Inn," is about reaching refugees and immigrants in North America with the Good News of Jesus. If you know a child to influence towards missions, or an adult children's worker who could use a FREE subscription, contact me.

Monthly Mission Chat at my house is also a delight and inspiration - hearts of the next generation focused on loving God and His plan to build His church worldwide. We were me plus three young women. Now they are four. A high school junior looking for this kind of encouragement heard of us and joined us in April. What a privilege to cheer them on!

Bad Legs Video Outreach
In April, a Catholic priest in Hong Kong sent a message to say he found the video, was inspired by it, and would put the YouTube link on his blog. I checked: he did it. That's a jaw-dropper.

On May 15 I will be/was Skyped into a Women's meeting in Missouri, a direct result of this meeting's planner seeing Bad Legs and asking if I could speak at this special meeting.
Also in May, a gal in Georgia (USA), who writes for Christian publications, asked for permission to include part of the Bad Legs story in material for Union Gospel Press's quarterly publication for churches. One lesson will be on "my" story; and another focused on my parents. She wants to help other parents recognize how important it is to give their children to God fully. Exciting! Of course, I said "yes."

Summing Up
I'm busy. I can never say I'm caught up on things I must do, and I told you only part of it.  My "work" is delightful because all these things have eternal value. Can't beat that!

If you are inclined to pray...
• Join me again in thanking God for this wonderful life He gave me.
• Ask God to show you how to give friendship for His sake to the new "neighbors" among us.
• The writing conference in August will take significant physical effort and a lot of writing preparation. I need God's help! (Duh.) 

And Finally…. 
My missionary hero, Elizabeth Elliot said, “I have one desire now - to live a life of reckless abandon for the Lord, putting all my energy and strength into it.”  Think about it!