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EY On the World 
November, 2017  

Are you wondering if I am still happy with the new ownership and living arrangements here? YES, I am delighted! Rich, Brenda, boys and animals have been here only three months, but already have done a lot to bring things back to life and add sparkle to my days. 

 This photo is of a combined birthday celebration. The snow one was my birthday morning. I don't normally mention that this is my birthday month, but this time it occurred to me that I have lived 66 years past the time when it looked like my life was ending. God had another plan, and wow, what amazing "extra" years He has granted. "For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth." Psalm 71:5 

As for other ordinary life issues - do you remember the new braces I hoped to have by summer's end? Didn't happen. New ones finally were made, but are not yet usable and maybe won't be. There is a plan B, though. It's a long story..... 

All other stories are good:

GC Kids
Somehow an Indian national found Great Commission Kids and wants to print and distribute it in India to encourage India's children toward missions. The problem is, he can't use GC Kids as it is because of religious laws and tensions in India. This man and colleagues cannot be connected to "foreign" religious material without inviting trouble. Also, certain words conjure memories of colonial times. The solution: re-brand it, re-word some things and remove all foreign postal and email addresses, URLs, logos, etc. My new friend was very happy with the way I re-branded and "scrubbed" the August and November issues, and World Team gave its blessing to this new project. My friend is eager to print and distribute other re-done back issues, too, and compile every so many into booklets. Wow!! Who would have imagined? Because of safety concerns, I can't tell you what that name for GC Kids is, but I like it. 
     By the way, this man invited me to present GC Kids (and re-branded sister) at an international conference of like-minded people in Singapore early next year. I can't do that, but wouldn't it be fun! 

About the "regular" GC Kids, the story of the November issue is titled, "A Rooster and the Gospel." Intrigued? Download it at Remember, we're always happy for new printed, postal subscriptions. Email me.

Bad Legs news
GC Kids isn't the only thing expanding into Asia. So is Bad Legs. A man (now a friend) who works in Vietnam with teenage polio survivors found the Bad Legs video and asked Dianne and me if he could have it sub-titled into Vietnamese and maybe Chinese, too. In Vietnam, disabled people are very marginalized. His goal is to give these polio teens job training and hope. He thinks Bad Legs will help. In that it points to the hope and help the Lord gives, I agree! For added punch, he will show the 10-minute "Kimyals Receive the New Testament," too. It is already in Chinese. Did you notice I said, "teenage polio survivors?" My friend, a polio survivor himself, is working with numbers of them, age 13-18, in just one city. Polio vaccine is NOT reaching into all corners of the world. 

On another continent, Bad Legs was accepted to be screened this month at Sabaoth International Film Festival in Milan, Italy. It is sub-titled into Italian and ready to go. As I type this, their website still has only the 2015 selections, so Bad Legs isn't there yet. Hopefully they'll update soon. 

The five-lesson illustrated story version of Bad Legs, by Bible Visuals International, is still in the fund raising stage. God knows the time table, and it will be perfect.

Being Cheerleader
Psalm 45:17 NLT - "I will bring honor to your name in every generation. Therefore, the nations will praise you forever and ever." 

Mission Chat gal Kate is an official missionary appointee now! Mission agency Pioneers gained a good one. Kate's will probably go to a Slavic country in the part of Europe (eastern or central) that is designated "least reached." I will love to watch this happen. I'm having too much fun!

We have had some inspiring guests at our monthly Mission Chats. Last month it was a couple who work in Spokane with refugees. They brought along a young woman they are hosting. She had been in the U.S. only three days, speaks no English, was terribly homesick, and all alone. A Kurd, she has undergone terrible experiences escaping Iraq. Refugees -- the mission field at our back door.

As for the still younger generation, on Nov. 9 I had the fun of being Skyped into the kids' portion of a mission conference in North Carolina. The kids said they wanted to learn about being "called" to be a missionary: what that means and how to know if you are. They were given the GC Kids issue about Amy Carmichael, saw part of the Bad Legs video, then asked me questions via Skype - a first for me. It was just a handful of kids, but I like that best; it is more personal. Loved it.

If you are inclined to pray
•    Thank God for the eternal plan he has for each of us.
•    Pray for the young Vietnamese polio survivors who see Bad Legs, that they will know it isn't a "you can do it" story but rather, a "Surrender to God and let him use you" story. 
•    Pray that prayer and financial team-mates of God's choice will back Kate as she prepares to go to His place for her.
•    Pray for progress on the Bible Visuals, Int. project - all in the right time.
•    Talk to the Lord about whatever touched you in this letter. 

And Finally…. 

"If you live your life to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full." --John Piper
Think about it!